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November 28

Churches have a lot of small groups or the Wednesday night prayer meeting, is there any value in having group studies?

What is the Q gospel? Is there any eviden for the gospel of Q?

What does the bible say about skin care?

Is discipleship needed?

How can I move on and not feel guilt about sinning?

Does actual physical posture play a necessary role or any role in worship?

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Terry Molinaro Cody

That time the studio turned into a restaurant…


January 6
August Burns Red
Danforth Music Hall
Toronto, ON

February 11
Danforth Music Hall
Toronto, ON

Hot 5 @ 10

November 22 2017

5. Verses ~ Be The Light

4. Hollyn ~ Lovely

3. HOPP Ft. Taylor Hill ~ Go In

2. Big Yae Ft. CJ King ~ We Gone Shine 

1. Branan Murphy ~ Enough