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November 15

In the book of Leviticus why did God make all those rules, and why did God get so angry when people didn't follow all of the rules?

Before Jesus was born, did the trinity exist?

Do we think we are God because we have technology?

I recently went to Europe and was in awe of the massive churches. However, despite the history of the church's, attendance was really low. Can you see the church in North America going that way?

Hannah's vision

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Terry Molinaro Cody

That time the studio turned into a restaurant…


December 3
The Walk
Rumball Camp of the Deaf
Parry Sound, On
February 16
August Burns Red
Pheonix Concert Hall 
Toronto, On
March 15
Ricoh Coliseum
Toronto, ON

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December 5 2016

5. TFK ~ Push 

4. Young And Free ~ Falling Into You    

3. Joshua Micah ~ Parachute 

2. Survivor Q ~ Right Here Beside Me  

1. V. Rose ~ Take A Broken Heart