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February 13

What does it mean to walk by the Spirit?

Today we have Muslims killing Christians and we call it evil, how do Christians justify the crusades?

Feast or Fast on Ash Wednesday? This year Valentines Day and Ash Wednesday fall on the same day, should I feast or should I fast or does it truly matter?

Is Valentine's Day mentioned in the bible?

I know the bible says, show humility and remain humble but when someone looks at me like "ya right whatever" or acts like they don't believe me or worse, calls me a liar, pride comes into play and I feel like I have to prove myself. Do I need to?

When it comes to self checkout lines that stores are going to, is it wrong to steal like not check the items out? I saw a report on MSN that says there is no moral issue with stealing from the stores that force you to use self check out aisles due to the fact that we are essentially working for the store and saving them money. What do you think?

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