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August 08

Why is it that goats were to be used for certain offerings instead of say sheep or bulls? Didn't goats represent the gentiles and sheep the Israelites?

What does it mean when you have to wait on the Lord?

Recently some new friends I've met say to people "God told me" and "I have a word for you". I am not saying that God doesn't talk to people who are called to His Purpose but why does this not sit well with me?

I find it weird every time I'm stuck in a problem, I hide it from God because I don't want him to know that I failed again and have to go through it all over again...

Here's an ethics question for you, if you crash in a plane or something and have no other source of food, is it okay for you to eat someone else who died in the crash to survive?

Were there demons on the earth before the fall?

Would the Christians who have passed away before us know who we are because we are also Christians? Would they know us by name or just as another Christian type thing?

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